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Sunday, June 12, 2022

NEW from Entangled Teen... The Gravity of Missing Things by Marisa Urgo - REVIEW!

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Today, we're celebrating the recent release of a NEW Young Adult title available now via Entangled Teen. It covers a myriad of topics, and rides the wave of sub genres like an experienced surfer, but in the end, the title fits the story perfectly, for things that are missing do seem to have a gravity all their own, for better or worse.  A quick word to the wise for those that like a trigger warning...self harm does feature in this story, but it's not the focal point, merely a part of it.  Ladies and gents, prepare to take off on a journey you never expected as we explore between the epages of...

Marisa Urgo
Entangled Teen

About the book...
Flight 133 disappeared over the ocean. No wreckage. No distress signal. Just gone.

Suddenly, everyone on the news and social media is talking about whether the pilot intentionally crashed it—everyone but me. Because I know her. The pilot was my mom, and there's no way she would hurt anyone. No one else knows that before she left, she wrote me a note. Trust me, it said.

Now it feels like someone split my world—and me—in two, and the only person who believes me is Landon. I want to trust him, to let him see who I really am, but I can't. I have my secrets, the same way Mom has hers. All I know is falling for him will only make things more complicated.

Just as I start to open up, the answer to what really happened to Flight 133 could rip my world apart all over again—for good this time.


The gravity of missing things...or the way that when something isn't there, you CAN'T STOP THINKING ABOUT IT. It's like there's a magnet drawing your attention specifically to the thing, person, item, idea, or whatever it is, and it simply won't let go.  

Within this story, we've got the missing parent at a school function, the mysterious phone call bringing bad news, the questions left unanswered, and the undying hope of a young girl who simply wants her mother back.  Life hasn't always been a smooth road for Violet, let alone her family (marital relations, the big "C" for Savannah, self preservation issues for Vi), but in the midst of this potential disaster filled with so many unknown factors and possible endings, she's about to uncover a truth widely known, yet not often acknowledged.  The extent to which we know a person is only that  to which they choose to reveal themselves to us.  Everyone...even parents...have hidden depths, and whatever the reason might be for the secrecy, those areas in the dark stay there until such a time that they choose to reveal them, if at all.  For Violet, she thought she knew something in connection with the events unfolding, and while she is connecting's not in the way she might have imagined, leaving her with more questions than answers, an identity thrown into crisis, and some serious hurts to try and overcome while remembering to be kind to herself, something that doesn't come easy.

Along the way, we meet her father, her sister, her best friend, and those relationships, nay their identities, start to intertwine, adding to the confusion circling Vi like a halo.  In truth, the only one that stays the path on which they started is Landon, and he ends up bearing the brunt of her anger at the world despite his good intentions.  It's okay, though not, because of everything happening, but it doesn't make either of them hurt any less...and it all works its way to a head that's bound to explode in the worst ways possible.  Good thing family and friends can take the heat, and come out the other side of our bad times a little battered, somewhat bruised, but still full of love and acceptance.

It's a story about a life lived, and the secrets that dwelled below the surface unbeknownst to those held dear.  It begs us to take a moment every day to consider the dreaded what if...while telling us to live our own truths, come what may, because those left standing after the fallout will love us that much more.  Hard to swallow...certainly...but then again, can you bear to live a life where you aren't your genuine self?


About the author....

Marisa Urgo writes Young Adult novels that mix humor and heart. She is a New Yorker living in Boston. By day, Marisa works in college admissions. By night, she is supposed to be writing, but is mainly picking her cat up off the keyboard. The Gravity of Missing Things is her debut novel. You can follow her on Instagram for book updates at @marisaurgowrites.


Special thanks to Riki at Entangled Publishing for the eARC for review. (THANKS!) For more information on these titles, the author, or the publisher, feel free to click through the links provided above. This title is AVAILABLE NOW, so click on over to your favorite online retailer to snag your copy today!

Until next time, remember...if it looks good, READ IT!

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