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Friday, May 16, 2014

BLOG TOUR: Over My Live Body by Susan Israel

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Today, we're hosting a blog tour stop via The Story Plant starring a Fiction title that;s filled with suspense, mystery, and murder.  It stars a young lady that's both artist and work of art who "inherits" the obsessive attentions of one uber creepy dude.  Well, sorta more than one actually but before I go TOO far into things, allow me to introduce today's featured title...

Over My Live Body
Susan Israel
The Story Plant

About the book...
Delilah is accustomed to people seeing her naked. As a nude model – a gig that keeps food on the table while her career as a sculptor takes off – it comes with the territory.
But Delilah has never before felt this vulnerable.
Because Delilah has an admirer. Someone who is paying a great deal of attention to her. And he just might love her to death.


This story really packs a punch and yet surprisingly, the meat of the story lives in the moment.  Allow me to explain.  The stalking, her chosen way to make a living, the murders surrounding her at every turn, it's all in the here and now.  There's really no back story beyond page one to fall into for ANY of the characters and yet it doesn't feel disconcerting in the least.  You're content to stay moment to moment with Delilah as her world unravels person by person.  You're perfectly fine with seeing each piece of the ever evolving puzzle fall into place as you try to solve the riddle of who is behind everything happening and why.  You're cheerful even to discover something more you didn't count on and from the most unexpected places.  I gotta hand it to the author, she's got a way with words.  Now, considering the characters a smidge closer...

I really liked Delilah; she was an artist through and through.  She may have bared her body to portions of the world in the name of art, but she retained her soul and the beauty of that was evident in her work,  Her connections with friends and family were genuine, even if at times misguided, and that made her even more relate-able.  Who hasn't mistrusted to some degree in the name of love?  On the other side of things, we have Curtis... ~shivers~.  Definitely not a boy scout in training even if he does try to be prepared for anything....and anyone.  He's definitely a creeper though to what degree, I'll let you decide as you read.  Don't want to spoil anything for you.  ^_^  Then there's Ivan, who sorta straddles the line between good and bad, is dis-likable enough to write off, and yet some will find irresistible at first glance.  Trust me ladies, it's at FIRST glance....looks can be deceiving.  Lastly but certainly not least, there's our policeman type folk, Patrick Quick.  *ahem*  He seems like a good enough guy and Delilah certainly agrees, however you can't help shake the feeling that he's got something else on his mind.  His wheels are always working on the next problem, not a bad thing in his line of work but still....

In the end, it's a read I'd recommend for adult Fiction fans as well as those that linger longer in the Mystery and Suspense sections of the bookstore.  It's got elements for the lovers, the fighters, the criminologists, and even those that prefer to walk a bit on the darker side (you know, like Crime Fiction!)...and it all starts from page one.  The balance the author works into the tale is particularly magical and the outcome will keep you guessing til the very end.  


About the author...
Susan Israel lives in Connecticut with her beloved dog, but New York City lives in her heart and mind. A graduate of Yale College, her fiction has been published in Other Voices, Hawaii Review and Vignette and she has written for magazines, websites and newspapers, including Glamour, Girls Life, Ladies Home Journal and The Washington Post. SheĆ¢€™s currently at work on the second book in the Delilah Price series, Student Bodies. 


Review copy received courtesy of Aaron at The Story Plant.  (THANKS!)  For more information on this title as well as their full catalog, be sure to stop by their official site.  To continue the celebration of this newly released title, be sure to check out the full tour schedule and pay a visit to some of the other stops along the way.  

Until next time...happy reading!

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Felicity Grace Terry said...

Intrigued by the sound of this one. It certainly sounds like it caters to lots of different readers.

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