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Thursday, March 26, 2015

Bring the Joys of Reading to Every Moment with!

Hi guys and gals!
Welcome back to Satisfaction for Insatiable Readers.

Today, we're aiming to satisfy your bookish side not with a book review, but with a product review.  Now, before you stop reading, I haven't passed over to the dark side or anything (though I hear they DO have cookies!), trust me on this one; in fact, this is more of a reunion.  

That's right! Today's spotlight is shining on the fabulous site of bookish fun,!  If you haven't heard of them or checked out their site, you best be on your way...after today's post of course.  Oh, and make sure there is room on your wish list because not only will you be shopping to satisfy your own interests, but to spread the joys of reading.  

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"Unlike other shopping sites, GoneReading was founded specifically to spread the magic of reading in the developing world.  That’s why we’ve pledged 100% of after-tax profits to fund reading related charities, especially the work of our good friends at READ Global and Ethiopia Reads.

Although we have a particular fondness for the printed book, GoneReading supports all types of reading formats, including e-readers, tablets, printed books, newspapers and magazines.  We believe that access to great writing – regardless of the format in which it is consumed - is what really matters most."

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 My acquaintance turned friendship with the site started back in 2012 (wow, it's been THAT long?!) when the Founder and CEO, Mr. Brad Wirz contacted me regarding the possibility of a spotlight post.  I was more than happy to assist as I had been recently perusing their wares (thanks to Alexia's Books & Such...another great bloggy friend) and creating a wish list I was more than happy to share.  This connection was to be the first but not the last collaboration I would have with them...

Fast forward to 2013 and what was I doing?  Reading another email, agreeing to check out an intriguing little item, and telling all of you about the FUN-tastically fabulous things the GoneReading team was up to now, including the MAJORLY awesome Book Plates and Platters!

No really....they are TOO CUTE!  Fashion, function, and bookishly delicious.  Now, let's step into current times.  Enter one email circa 2015, one offer my book loving soul couldn't resist, and finally, one post to highlight the fun that was had.  So, here we are and here we go!  

First, a box arrived....

...then, I opened said box.

What to my wondering eyes should appear?  Two FAB items that I now hold dear....the first of which compliments my book platter rather nicely, and would certainly work wonders on getting your morning cup of joe to you a little more literarily.  Ready, set, drink up with the....

Imagine a hot cup of your favorite liquid refreshment (or cold...cold would work too) in a lightweight mug covered in the first lines of many famous works.  My favorite?  Oh, buddy...too hard to REALLY choose, but if pressed I could narrow it down to A Christmas Carol and A Tale of Two Cities.  What can I say, I'm a Dickens Fan!  

But I digress, this wonderful thirst quencher of style was not the only item in the mysterious box.  No, no no...there was one other.  Something that would allow me to bring the magic of books with me everywhere I go.  What was that item?  Why it was the...

from the Demeter Fragrance Library

Now this isn't a scent for every reader, but I found it to be rather nice.  The literature states that it has "a romanticized scent of ink and paper with a touch of violet and potpourri; many reviewers also detect a hint of vanilla."  I can't argue with that but I also smell a hint of something a little heavier, along the lines of Sandalwood but not quite.  It is unique for certain and though it may not smell like EVERY book you've ever read, it will bring you back to your bookish center one sniff at a time.  I tried to take a picture of me spraying the perfume but they all ended up looking wonky.  Who knew spray mist didn't capture well on camera?  So, you'll just have to envision me spritzing some of this fab fragrance on and jetting out for a long day at work (or play) but never having my beloved books more than a breath away.


GoneReading founder Brad Wirz with some readers,
on a volunteer trip in Honduras

Special thanks to Brad Wirz for the chance to review these wonderful products, for spreading the joys of reading with this fun site, and for fostering the connections he makes in the bookish community throughout the years.  (YOU ROCK!)  For more information on the products I've mentioned here today, the site, its mission, or to add additional items to your "must have" list, feel free to click through the links provided above. 

Until next time, let your bookish flag fly....and happy reading!

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Unknown said...

Thanks for sharing the awesome loot I can certainly see how much you truly loved it and might I say well deserved

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