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Friday, August 6, 2010

All My Friends Are Dead by Avery Monsen and Jory John

Happy Friday!
Welcome to Satisfaction for Insatiable Readers!  A place created by an 'insatiable reader' to share with others plagued by the same affliction.....a NEED to READ READ READ!  So, were you thrown by the post title?  I know, I can I say 'happy' anything with a post title like THAT!  Oh, just wait and me, it's not what you think (unless of course you know about the book and then, well, it is...but don't spoil it for those not yet in the know....)! 

I was in the bookstore the other night wondering to myself....Self...what are we going to read for the next so many odd minutes to pass the time...*ponder*ponder*  Luckily, I didn't have to ponder for too long, I mean I was in a BOOKSTORE after all.  Starting on my usual route through the store I happened upon a cute little book that looked just the right size to fill my allotted time.  I reached over...picked it up...noticed the cute dinosaur on the front...and then read the title.

Hmm...okay...what on earth....and then I opened the book and began turning the pages.  Needless to say when I was done....I couldn't help but laugh in spite of myself.  An amusing look, if not slightly morbid, at a plight shared by all living things....eventually.

It's quite comical when the Grim Reaper appears uttering a cheerful "Howdy" as he makes a new friend.  It's sad but true when a fly examines his own 24 hours of fame called life.  It's heartwarming when a tree...yes, a tree....reflects on the beauty of the world around it...until the friendly woodsman shows up.  Ah yes, tis the end of the world as we know just doesn't mean that the lights go out and POOF we're all gone....

For a sampling of this books humorous antics....check out the book's website!  You get to flip the pages for yourself...or at least the beginning few to get a better look at what you're in store for.  You definitely don't want to miss this little gem....

Until next time....make a new friend, you never know what might come between you and the ones you have now!  Time, space, dinosaurs.....I'd rather have plenty to fall back on.....

Oh and of course.....happy reading!


Nicole (Linus's Blanket) said...

It took me a minute to get the cover of the book. It's a little sad. In this format I even feel sorry for the dead flies!

Unknown said...

It's actually kind of funny, the best one was the milk jug. lol! I'll have to look for this one. =)

Shy said...

OMG! I just ventured to the site you mention and I've to say that the book is utterly cute - in some ways ;) The graphics are just so cool too. Thanks for bringing this book onto the spotlight. I've seriously never heard of it before!

Anyways, I've an award waiting for you on my page --> The Bibliophile's Journal

Have a great day!

Tales of Whimsy said...

Oh wow. Sounds good but like it could freak out some kids.

Gina said...

Aww...guys! It's sweet the "sad" reactions you're having but honestly, it's just a humor book. No sad intended! Only HAPPY HaPpY hApPy! And Juju...highly doubt it was recommended for children despite it's appearance. Your concern though is touching! ^_^

Nicole: There there...nothing was harmed in the creation of this book. ^_^

cynthial11: Yay! You GOT it!

Shy: Agreed! Simple yet so fitting this cute humor "story". ^_^ award? *runs off to see* (Thank you!)

Juju: Humor Juju, humor...not kids fiction. ^_^

Dorothy Dreyer said...

Hehehe, awww. I get it though, great angle. I love the title.

Alyssa Kirk said...

Looks cute!

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