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Thursday, March 14, 2013

BLOG TOUR: Sand Castle Bay by Sherryl Woods - Spotlight + Giveaway!

Hi there!
Welcome back to the place that aims to please the reader in you every day of the week...Satisfaction for Insatiable Readers.

Yesterday, we read outside the box...well, my box at least...and got wrapped up in a Contemporary Romance that definitely left me pleased.  Today, we're shining the spotlight on another well known author in the Romance arena who is on the verge of celebrating another book birthday later this month.  The exciting part?  It's the first book in a planned trilogy that will be released in April and June respectively...yep, no waiting...which should please many an impatient reader.  (Not that ANY of you have ever uttered the words "oh my gosh why can't they write FASTER"...*ahem*)  The EXTRA exciting's spotlight is the first but not the last that you will hear about this trilogy on my site.  The EXTRA EXTRA exciting part...if you stick with me on this, you'll get a chance to win here, there, and well not everywhere, but PRETTY darn close.  Sound good?  GREAT!  *digs in*

So, why all the excitement especially when I haven't read this author's work before?  I'll tell you why...because it sounds GOOD.  If you read my review yesterday, or have seen my posts for Women's Fiction or Chick-Lit before, you know I'm a fan of a good story, a dash of humor, a lot of heart and a smidge of romance...just not the ALL OUT type be associate with this particular genre.  Well, I was proven wrong with the last one and from the sound of it, I believe I might be again....which I am perfectly okay with!  As with everything in life, it's about the journey and part of that journey is learning new things along the way.  If an added life lesson in reading for myself is that not all books in a particular genre fall victim to the overall label associated with it...yay me!  It just allows me to let my reading fever try something new even if it seems in the "forbidden zone"...oh woe is me, more options to read, review, share...*sigh*  (Just kidding!  Woo-hoo!)  Now, let us reign in the exuberance for just a minute or rather refocus it on this post...

Today's featured title came to my attention via Amy affiliated with McAllister PR (Hi, Amy!) as she was working with Harlequin on a promotion of the new series.  Lucky me!  I read up on it.  I hmmnd and hawwed and thought...why not!  Sounded good to me so why not bring it to you, my readers for a chance to shine? Ready the ginormous lights, it's time to meet today's featured title in the BOOK SPOTLIGHT!

Ocean Breeze, Book 1:

In a trade-off she’s lived to regret, Emily Castle left home years ago to become an interior designer. The youngest of three sisters, Emily desperately wanted to prove herself. Success, though, came at the cost of leaving behind the man she loved.
For Boone Dorsett, losing Emily left his heart shattered, but another woman was waiting in the wings. Now a widower with a young son, Boone has a second chance with Emily when a storm brings her home. But with his former in-laws threatening a custody suit, the stakes of loving her are higher than ever.
Will fate once again separate them—or is the time finally right for these two star-crossed lovers?


So much more here than JUST a romance.
Me likee...or at least the sound of it.

What's that?
No, I haven't read it yet...but there's a reason for that, several in fact.
First, I wanted to introduce both YOU and I to the series...
...thereby giving us a chance to get acquainted with the characters, setting, writing style, etc.  Then I thought, self, wouldn't it be a FANTASTIC way to celebrate book two's release with a review of book one (and maybe something more!)?  You know what my self said? be on the look out for the review coming next month.

So, back to what we're doing here today guys.
Celebrating the forthcoming release of this new title, perhaps adding to your to-read list as we speak...oh, and giving YOU a CHANCE TO WIN a copy to call your own!
See?  I told you we could get acquainted with this author together.

Thanks to Amy with McAllister PR and the folks at Harlequin, I have the opportunity to give you a chance to win a copy of today's SPOTLIGHT title...and it being a trilogy and all, there might be more surprises of the bookish-giveaway-ing type later this year.  Just sayin'.  Anywho, CHANCE TO WIN, woo-hoo!  Are you excited?  You should be....especially since means of entry is pretty easy peasey.  

We're talking Rafflecopter form here peoples and spreading the word...of course, sharing your thoughts in the comments about the title/series, the author's previous works, the genre, etc are all TOTALLY appreciated (and loved!) but be sure to fill out the form, otherwise it won't count as an entry!  The contest celebration continues straight through to the big BOOK BIRTHDAY (aka Publication Day!) on March 26th, 2013 giving you and yours plenty of time to get your entries in...but not THAT much so you know, procrastination be darned - do it man (or woman)!  ^_^

The prize...

(1) copy of  Ocean Breeze, Book 1:  Sand Castle Bay by Sherryl Woods

How to enter...
...fill out the Rafflecopter form below and BAM, you're in!
(Of course, comments are LOVELY little creatures too, don't cha know.  ^_^)

The rules... to US residents only; no P.O. Boxes please.
Entries will be accepted TODAY through March 26th, 2013 at midnight CST.  The winner will be drawn and contacted no later than March 27th, 2013 and have 48 hours to respond with their FULL NAME and MAILING ADDRESS for prize send out.  If said information is not received in the given time frame, a new winner will be chosen.


Special thanks to Amy with McAllister PR for the chance to participate in the promotion!  (THANKS!)  For more information on their work or her bookish exploits, click the links embedded here.  This title is set to release March 26th, 2013 via Harlequin so be on the look out for it on a bookstore shelf near you...or you can always pre-order your copy; here's a few sites to get you started on that path...Barnes & Noble, Books-A-Million.  To discover more of the works penned by author Sherryl Woods to date, be sure to stop by her site or like her on Facebook.

Until next time...GOOD LUCK...and happy reading!

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Unknown said...

This book sounds super cute. I actually just read a different book with a character named Emily Castles. Haha. Funny how that happens. I don't think I've ever read anything by this author yet.

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