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Friday, March 22, 2013

Sweet Treat: Mister Dash and the Cupcake Calamity by Monica Kulling

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Yesterday was a day that I was glad to see come to a close.  While the AM job was uber busy, the PM job was no piece of cake.  Too many *grr* moments and whatnot so when I finally got home last night you can imagine my delight to find a bookish treasure on my doorstep.  Yes, I do indeed squee like child on Christmas morning when I receive packages...might even jump and clap a little too.  ^_^  I quickly tore through the envelope and discovered...the PERFECT end to my not-so-perfect day.  I mean, how did the sender know that a sweet treat was JUST what I needed at that very moment...and aside from a cute story, it has an adorable pup and cupcakes!  Yes, a winning recipe indeed.  How so?  Well, you're about to find out.  Grab your family, friends, fur babies and a cupcake if there happens to be one within your reach (if not, I warned you!  ^_^), for today's book of choice is...

Illustrated by

Madame Croissant's plan to spread her delicious cupcakes across North America is smashing and having her faithful companion Mister Dash as the delivery dog is an ace in the whole!  I mean really, are you going to say "no" to that sweet little face of the company?  I didn't think so...and he looks so cute in his little chef hat!  When Daphne comes to visit, things go from interesting to downright messy.  You see, Madame Croissant has a 500 cupcake order to fill for the mayor no less and needs her sous chefs to help her meet her deadline...only problem is, it seems the more Daphne gets involved the more a clean up crew is REALLY needed and far less baking is accomplished.  Good thing Mister Dash is so adept at solving sticky situations but will he and his master be able to pull off the order in time, even with the unexpected setbacks?  It could make or break the new Cupcake A Go-Go venture...anyone else nervous?

So, cupcakes...who doesn't love them in some fashion?  Big or small, sweet or salty, frosted or non, there are so many variations on this classic dessert and more popping up every day, it's definitely a business choice that has merit...especially if you have a recipe as delicious sounding as Madame Croissant.  Don't be surprised if you have a serious jones for a cupcake after reading this little gem.  Suffice it to say, their kitchen adventures make for a HI-larious time while also revealing that even if someone isn't good at the first five things sent their way, the sixth may just be their niche; in other words, every one some worth, some contribution that can be made that is all "them".  Finding it can be a challenge but once unleashed, watch their pride, self esteem and confidence take flight.  Now on to the second bit of wonderfulness in this story...

I love how she makes a case for non-pedigree dogs....mixed breeds need love TOO!  One of my fur babies is a mix and she couldn't be cuter, more well behaved or trained if she wanted to.  Okay, well she does have selective hearing at times but hey, don't we all?  ^_^  She's absolutely adorbs and I wouldn't trade her for the world.  Some only consider full pedigree dogs when selecting a pup and yes, they are wonderful too (and my other kiddos would second me on that seeing as they are in this group!) but open your heart to the little mixed guy or gal at the shelter the next time you're out and about and just try not to have your heart melted into a puddle of puppy love goo.  All together now...awww!  Yep, those big puppy dog eyes, wagging tail and happy-to-see-you demeanor will get you every time.

Last but certainly not least, no picture book or storybook for that matter would be complete with illustrations and the ones that grace the pages her are noteworthy indeed!  The author's note in the front lends even more anticipation to the beauty we're in store for, stating that Mister Dash's first bookish appearance in Merci Mister Dash! are what inspired her to write another story featuring this four legged cutie.  I can certainly see why!  Mister Dash is as I said ADORABLE from his floppy ears to his puppy smile to his expressions as he helps them get out of jam after jam.  He's definitely one to watch as the story progresses but the humans have a role to play here too!  Madame Croissant and Daphne are a hoot!  You can see the child like exuberance of Daphne as she bounces from scene to scene, trying her best and yet falling short until glitter, glue, and paper uncover her true talent.  Madame Croissant's excitement over her latest venture, joy of having her family assisting her, and hope of success are written right on her face with grace...and really in the face of some of the obstacles that keep stacking up, grace was DEFINITELY needed.  From their coiffed to curly hair to their dressed to impress wardrobe choices, these two ladies are sure to make their mark with readers of most generations.

In conclusion, an adorable story featuring a four legged friend you'll be happy to make the acquaintance of along with his human handlers, that's all about hopes, dreams, and sweet success.  It reminds us that while trouble may be around the next corner (especially if Madame Croissant is driving!), family in all its shapes and sizes will always be there to lend a helping hand...or paw.  It's a fun read, perfect for an afternoon dash of sugar in your day, sure to enchant the hearts and minds of readers of all ages.

Review copy received courtesy of author Monica Kulling.  (Merci!)  To find out more about Mister Dash's adventures as well as her complete list of works, be sure to visit her official website, or check out her Facebook page!  This book was released just this month from Tundra Books, a division of Random House Canada Limited, so be on the look out for it on a store shelf near you.  To learn more about the publisher, stop by their site or check out what's tweeting on Twitter.

Until next time...happy reading!


Felicity Grace Terry said...

Another great post, another wonderful book, thanks for providing me with so much inspiration.

Jessica N. said...

So adorable! I just love children's books :)

Kimberly @ Caffeinated Reviewer said...

Wonderful post, and I hope today was a better day. I too squee when packages arrive. I am seriously in need of a cupcake now and your mixed breed sounds adorable!

Tales of Whimsy said...

I love this. It sounds cute from start to finish.

Unknown said...

"family in all its shapes and sizes will always be there to lend a helping hand...or paw. " That is so sweet. Sounds like a cute book, sure to lift you up.

DMS said...

This book sounds adorable and you are right- I do want a cupcake now. I love when the frosting is just perfect. I also love mixed breed dogs. :)


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