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Wednesday, February 25, 2015

BLOG TOUR: A Killer Retreat by Tracy Weber + GIVEAWAY!

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So, today we are playing host to another blog tour courtesy of Partners in Crime Virtual Book Tours that stars the second book in a growing Mystery series you need to have on your radar.  It's a little bit Cozy with a dash of Chick Lit and a big heaping spoon of Humor, shaken not stirred into a cohesive mix that's suitable for the masses.  Oh, did I mention there's an AWESOME dog named Bella as well?  Yep, sure is.  *ahem*  Anyway, grab your suits (bathing, that is) and get ready for a retreat that'll last longer than the infamous "3 hour tour".  Today's book of choice is...

A Downward Dog Mystery, Book 2
Tracy Weber
Midnight Ink Books

About the book...
When Kate Davidson gets an offer to teach yoga classes at the Elysian Springs resort, she jumps at the opportunity—even if it means enduring the wedding ceremony of the center’s two caretakers. But avoiding the M-word turns out to be the least of Kate’s problems when a wedding guest is found floating face-down in the resort’s hot tub, shortly after a loud, public fight with Kate.
The police pick Kate as their number-one suspect, so she teams up with her boyfriend Michael, best friend Rene, and German shepherd sidekick Bella to find the real killer. They must solve the crime before the police arrest Kate, or her next gig may last a lifetime—behind bars.


 Okay, so here's the deal.
I know Michael and Kate are a newish couple (since I read the first book in the series), but the time they have spent together and the troubles they have already faced down, led me to believe that they should be much closer than they currently are.  Seriously, the biggest flaw I saw or rather read here was his character's LACK of character.  Just ugh!  For crying out loud, take HER side for once fella...she may have a hot temper but it's not Italian strength (and I should know!).  There, now that I have THAT out of my system...

The story itself is definitely enjoyable and earmarks this as one of my top Mystery series.  Usually for me, the who-dun-it is TOO obvious and I've everything (mostly) figured out before I get halfway through.  Now, I had my suspicions about a few things, some of which proved to be true, but other things revealed over time were a complete surprise.  Brava Ms. Weber!  I love that the retreat was made to sound inviting but not necessarily the showy cabins and such that appeared in the brochures.  I enjoyed getting to know Kate and her entourage a bit more, as well as finally discovering why Bella seems to dislike Sam so much (you'll laugh, promise).  The characters stayed true to themselves (some for better, some for worse...Michael *glares*) which of course led to some pretty hair-raising adventures and even a few life or death ones...that actually end in death.  *gulp* 

In conclusion, I came for the dog and her girl, but stayed for the story.  The little twists along the way keep things interesting and by book's end you'll also have a better working knowledge of a few yoga positions you might want to try out.  (Still considering them in my mind...we shall see.)  The only thing I was left wondering about was Josh's little outburst somewhere in the latter third of the book but perhaps I missed something that would clarify it.  *shrugs*  Overall, it's a great addition to a series that started out promising and continues to deliver.  Can't wait to see what Kate and Bella get into next.


About the author...

Tracy Weber is the author of the award-winning Downward Dog Mysteries series featuring yoga teacher Kate and her feisty German shepherd, Bella. Tracy loves sharing her passion for yoga and animals in any form possible. 

Tracy and her husband live in Seattle with their challenging yet amazing German shepherd Tasha. When she’s not writing, Tracy spends her time teaching yoga, walking Tasha, and sipping Blackthorn cider at her favorite ale house. 



Special thanks to Gina at Partners in Crime Virtual Book Tours for the review copy as well as the chance to bring this tour to all of you.  (THANKS!)  For more information on this title, the author, the publisher, or the other fab sites on this tour, be sure to click through the links provided above.  This title reached publication January 2015, so be on the look out for it on a bookstore shelf or virtual retailer of your choosing.

Now, you came for the tour, hung in for the review...I think you've earned a CHANCE TO WIN, don't you?  Thanks to the fab folks at PICT, you can win a copy of this book to call your own.  Just CLICK HERE, fill in the Rafflecopter form, and don't forget to SPREAD THE WORD!

Until next time...happy reading!


Tracy Weber said...

Thank you so much for reading and reviewing A KILLER RETREAT. I'm delighted that you enjoyed it!

Omnimystery News said...

Thanks so much for sharing such an entertaining review of this 2nd in series mystery. Sounds like a fun read!

Felicity Grace Terry said...

If the covers are anything to go by than I'm sure these are bound to be a fun read.

Tracy Weber said...

Thank you so much from one Tracy to another. ;-) I hope you give my books a try. I'm biased, but I DO think they're a lot of fun!

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