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Tuesday, December 15, 2015


Hi guys and gals!
Welcome back to a SPECIAL HOLIDAY EDITION of Satisfaction for Insatiable Readers.

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We know the winter holiday season is upon us and whether you celebrate Hanukah, Christmas, Kwanza, Winter Solstice, or something else altogether, there is one common "need" that runs through them all...GIFTS.  The joy we get from receiving them is one thing, but giving them...the pleasure is multiplied tenfold.  Getting the to "all-wrapped-and-ready-to-go" stage can be a bit of a headache though if you're not prepared.  I mean, what DO you get for the bookish (and not-as-much-but-still-equally-cool) people in your life?  Picking up a random title can be hazardous since they may already have it, and a gift card while practical doesn't elicit the same joy as a use-me-now-I'm-here-for-you-holiday-joy type of present.  So back to the question at hand...what to get?

Well now, I may not have ALL the answers, but I do have a few options that I had the pleasure of test running recently in my own day-to-day bookish life and thus, I bring you today's post.  First up, the favorite pastime that's made a comeback for "children" of all ages...COLORING!  Now, there are a myriad of options out there and something to fit every person, but as I can't highlight everything, here's a few contenders to the spotlight.

Beautiful aren't they?
Trust me, they are even more so in person and SO MUCH FUN!  In fact, while this adventure was being taken in our local library, we had several folks stop over to check them out and inquire about the titles more in-depth.  It really is a craze for all ages!  First up we have...

Jennifer Adams
Gibbs Smith

Dad took the lead on this one seeing as it gave him more creative options to draw, design, and go willy-nilly with the colored pencils.  Here's how his endeavors turned out...

...gotta love the multicolored dog he gave Mr Darcy along with the fancy socks.  Also, the flame job on the carriage is looking pretty good, even if it's not time period specific.  Next up, my addition to the coloring club.  I decided to go with...

Johanna Basford
Laurence King

Now this is a pretty intricate book and as this was my first outing through the pages, I decided to go with the first two images that greeted me...the cover spread.

Hey...don't let it fool you, there's a lot of detail there! 
Wanna see how it turned out?

Well?  Not too shabby, right?
Just think what I could do with 72 colors!

Now, the real artist in the group turned out to me Mom.  She took on...

Andrea Pippins
Schwartz & Wade

It may sound like it's all about hair but it's much MUCH more than all that. 
Take this first spread....

...see what I mean?  All those flowers and hair and words and...whew!  That's why good old Mom took this one.  The intricate nature spoke to her... really turned out to be...

...quite the masterpiece!
Go Mom!

Alrighty then, so what if coloring isn't your thing or perhaps you're looking for something a little more hands on to stretch your imagination and empower you the MAKE something.  Hang on tight then because I've got suggestions for YOU as well.

Once again referring to the creative powers of the family, one night we embarked on a feat of utter puppet fun!  Now, I know what you're thinking...what on earth are you talking about?   I promise, I'm getting there.  Utter puppet fun night was a craft filled evening that brought out the inner artist in us all with puppets as the common core.  This time around, the evening fun  starred these two beauties from Mudpuppy..., right?
So right!

First up was putting on a little show with...

It was really amazing to see what we could create and the story that unfolded with this amazing little kit.  Everything you needed was included, except imagination and THAT'S where the magic truly happens.

Care to see the results?
For your viewing pleasure, it's time for...

Narrated by Mom
Directed by Gina
Puppeted by Dad, Mom, and Gina
Creative Instructions by Hamilton
(Mom's dog...he wanted to be part of the show too)

Next up....

Now this was another chance to let our creative spirits soar!
We started with this...

...everything you need to make four or more puppets of your choosing.  Graduated to this...

...and wound up with this fun little trio!

The first is my reindeer, the second is Mom's clown raccoon, and the third is Dad's dog, aptly names Hamilton.  I'd say they got two thumbs up from the bi-peds and four paw review from Hamilton himself...

Perhaps you're not into the crafty part of the creative process and you prefer to have something that just gives you that crafty look without the fuss?  Try these babies on for size...

What are they?
Why they are MAGNACHALK DECALS to adorn the walls of any room you choose!  As you can see, there are several sets to choose from so whether you're a princess at heart, a star from the heavens, or on your way to save the day, one of these nifty little sets will fit perfectly into your living space and let you draw, doodle, or write your thoughts on a daily basis.

So, did you find YOUR perfect gift?
Here's hoping...but remember it's about the thought behind the gift not simply the gift itself.  Now, if you'll excuse me, I'm off to enjoy two of these primo presents myself...

....the two being my LONDON STICKY NOTE SET and LONDON MAGNET BOOKMARKS from Mudpuppy!  Can't you just see them adorning my current reads?  Well, I can...and I can honestly say they're never looked better.


Special thanks to the publicity teams at Mudpuppy, Laurence King, and Gibbs Smith for the chance to review and feature these amazing options
for readers and non this holiday season.

Until next time...happy GIFTING...and happy reading!

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Lovely gifts and gift ideas its great fun to make shadow puppets and to draw color write with colored pencils.Buy this one it's a winner

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