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Sunday, September 9, 2018


Hi guys!
Welcome back to Satisfaction for Insatiable Readers.

So, it's me again...talking to you...about a book....IMAGINE THAT!  Yeah, well, today's post is gonna seem a little bit like deja vu.  Why?  Well, you see, once upon a time there was a blogger and she worked with several different tour groups, inadvertently signing up for the same title just in different post types between two of those aforementioned groups.  *ahem*  Now, it's not MY fault that I LOVE READING, nor is it my fault that the review stop happened to be scheduled before the spotlight, but here we are, and we'll make the best of it.  The good news?  I LOVED THE BOOK, so you excuse to highlight once again!  So, we go!  Today's spotlight shines on...

Columbkill Noonan
Cozy Mystery/Fantasy
Crooked Cat Books
(September 4, 2018)

About the Book

Hold your flying horses!
Barnabas Tew and Wilfred Colby are back, and, once again, they're in a bit of a pickle.
Barnabas and Wilfred, two earnest but bumbling Victorian detectives, travel through the Nine Worlds of Norse mythology, trying to stave off the impending end of the world – an event which the locals call Ragnarok. This time, however, the intrepid twosome has some help: a brave Viking seer named Brynhild and her flying horse.
Can the two plucky detectives and the fearsome Brynhild outwit those who would bring about Ragnarok? Will they survive the harsh conditions and terrifying creatures of the Norse afterlife?
Will they save the world…again?

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About the Author

Columbkill Noonan has an M.S. in Biology (she has, in turn, been a field biologist, an environmental compliance inspector, and a lecturer of Anatomy and Physiology). When she's not teaching or writing, she can usually be found riding her rescue horse, Mittens, practicing yoga (on the ground, in an aerial silk, on a SUP board, and sometimes even on Mittens), or spending far too much time at the local organic, vegan market.


(4) Digital Copies of Barnabas Tew and The Case of The Nine Worlds by Columbkill Noonan



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diannekc said...

Sounds like a fascinating story. Looking forward to reading.

Jorie said...

Hallo, Hallo again!!

You made me *laugh!* a bit with this post - mostly as it sounds like my September where I slightly overbooked my month as I had misplaced my physical calendar!? I have it back now, so I'm golden for the rest of the year, etc but for September!? Ooh dear, me!

Plus, I also as a fellow book blogger understand what it is like to see all these wicked sweet blog tours going up for participation and finding that your heart is being pulled into their orbits!!

I looked over all *3!* of your showcases for this series and I think you did a great job!! The author should be quite proud of your love + promotion for helping readers better understand what they will find inside the novel!!

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