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Monday, May 29, 2017

It's all in the cards...: Destined by Gail Cleare

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To all my stateside readers, wishing you a Happy Memorial Day and my heart goes out to all the families of those that gave their life serving our country.
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Now, we head back to the stacks as we tackle a book set on revealing your destiny, or at least that of the leading lady, in due time.  It's classified as a Magical-Realism Romance, a grand name for literally what it sounds...a romance tinged read with earthy magic running through its roots.  Are you game?  Well then, let's discover what we will as today's book of choice makes its presence known...

A Novel of the Tarot
Gail Cleare

About the book...
This is the year Emily learns how to deliberately shape the future. She finally gets the courage to walk away from her safe routine and takes a job at the fabulous curio shop owned by Henry Paradis, an occult scholar. Recognizing her psychic talents as the valuable gifts they are, Henry teaches Emily to accept her magical nature and “look forward.” She chooses the path to light and happiness, opening her heart to brave its inevitable obstacles. She finds lifelong friends, falls in love with an incredibly sexy man, learns the power of desire and intention, faces her worst fears and is swept toward awakening. The mystical images of the Tarot’s archetypal trump cards chart the way, 22 sequential steps along the path to success known as “The Fool’s Journey.” Illustrated by images from the Payen Tarot of Marseilles (1713), which is the oldest surviving Tarot deck.


This isn't my first go round with this author, in fact I just came off reading The Taste of Air when this title came to my attention, but they are definitely two different peas in two different pods.  The aforementioned book was Women's Fiction and had what I felt was a more sweeping storyline...this one was curious but didn't grab me so much.  Allow me to explain...

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Emily is a great gal and I love her new age way of approaching life.  I mean, being guided by the stream of existence in lieu of constantly trying to MAKE something happen...hello?  Can we say just how much more relaxing that sounds even as a concept?  Yes, we can, and I did...just now.  Allowing for the reduction in stress levels, one can easily see meditation being a favorite pastime, an easier time of creating connections with those we'd like to call friend, and a greater chance at an embraceable love life...all of which totally happen for our girl.  Grant it, it's not as easy as "think it and it will happen", but it definitely steps towards the "positive thinking brings positive results" way of living.  She has struggles and uncertainties to face (as well as those who would do her harm!), but with her "forward" outlook and surrounding support, there's not much that can keep our girl down.

Now, the story follows the path of the tarot giving Emily her ups, downs, and in-betweens, but the connections forged throughout the story are definitely what kept me reading.  The neighborhood is filled to the brim with interesting characters, families you'd want to call your own, good friends in waiting, and even potential in the heartthrob department.  My favorite?  Henry, her boss and mentor.  He's a wily old gent with a heart of gold, that is equally endearing while reminiscing about Marie, as he is comical when he's excited about a new find.  They definitely make a colorful web of life for Emily to both navigate and feel secure within.

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In the end, it was a curious read with many heart warming moments along the way, but it just didn't quite live up to the expectations I set for it in my head...and I had a rough time with some of the one on one dialogue feeling a bit stilted.  What can you do?  No really...if you're asking, have a read for yourself!  After all, one reader's so-so adventure can be just the ticket you were looking for to escape your own humdrum summer.  Oh and P.S....the illustrated tarot card chapter openers, definitely an amazing detail, as is the included meaning generally accepted for the card itself.  A nice little bonus for those readers wishing to explore that concept further.


About the author...

USA Today bestselling author Gail Cleare has written for magazines, newspapers, Fortune 50 companies and AOL. Her award-winning ad agency represented the creators of the original Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. She was the turle Leonardo's date for the world premier of the second movie, and got to wear a black evening gown and sparkly shoes.

As a fine art and nature photographer, Gail's work is held in private collections across the US, and she can often be found stalking creatures with a 300 mm lens.

Her first novel, Destined, a novel of the Tarot, won honorable mentions at the New England Book Festival and the Green Book Festival. Her second novel, women's fiction titled The Taste of Air, will be released by Red Adept Publishing in September, 2016. The unedited manuscript won a gold medal from HarperCollins' website Authonomy, and was shortlisted for a Somerset Award.

Gail Cleare lives on an historic farm in New England with her family and dogs, cats, chickens, black bears, blue herons, rushing streams and wide, windy skies.



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Special thanks to author Gail Cleare for the copy for review.  (THANKS!)  For more information on this title, or the author, feel free to click through the links provided above.  This title is available now in both ebook and print formats, so click or visit your favorite retailer today to pick up a copy to call your own.

Until next time, remember...if it looks good, READ IT!

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