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Sunday, March 25, 2018


HI guys and gals!
Welcome back to Satisfaction for Insatiable Readers.

We're celebrating another day of bookish fun with Storybook Sunday! For those not up to speed on the post, I read a lot of great storybooks and thought, why not give them their own day in the sun. Hence, Storybook Sunday! Feel free to join the fun and create a post on your own site with the same name. I'd love to see any linked up in the comments! Anywho...back to the matter at hand.

Today, we prove once again that girls CAN do anything with a double Storybook Sunday feature.  We've one just released title via Penguin Young Readers and another via Disney Hyperion on the brink of release (this TUESDAY!), and one while employs quite a bit more imagination (or DOES it?!), they both are about following your heart and reveling in your true self.  So, if you'd be so kind as to join me...oh, and uh, we're probably gonna get a little wet.  Just sayin'.  ^-^ 
First on the review block...

Susan Lendroth
Illustrated by
Priscilla Burris

Natsumi may be small in stature, but she is BIG in spirit.  Everything she does, she puts her whole self into...sometimes quite literally.  Tea mixing time?  Gentle swirls become a raging cyclone.  Fan dance practice?  Graceful fan flicks become swishes and clicks echoing off the walls.  Rain storm outside?  No simple umbrella or galoshes for this girl; she'll take them all and then some with a puddle splash for good measure!  Yes, Natsumi is one of a kind, but as her outbursts aren't always appreciated, she feels less than wonderful...until one day Grandfather lets Natsumi in on a BIG secret, and she is finally able to dance to the beat of her of her drum (pun totally intended!  Read it, you'll see...) proving that there is indeed a place for everyone to truly shine!  With wonderfully emotive illustrations to guide you on your way, this is one story that will have a BIG impact.


Deborah Underwood
Illustrated by
Cambria Evans
Disney Hyperion
RELEASE DATE:  03/27/18

Girl by day.  Mermaid by night.
Seriously, how can you resist a tagline like that?

This is the story of how one little girl can live two lives.  Daylight finds her on land, taking her bath, putting away toys, and trying to avoid her little brother who manages to hone in on her exact location NO MATTER WHAT!  It's a tough job, but she's up to the task...especially considering the fact that once nighttime falls, she becomes a mermaid!  I mean, how awesome is that?!  Petting otters, playing hide and seek, rescuing cruise ships with the help of your aquatic friends (hey, no one ever said she was self centered), and keeping curious little merboys out of trouble (hey...he looks an awful lot like...nah, couldn't be...), who wouldn't want to experience it all...and experience it she does, until the dawn light breaks and once again, she's a girl.  It's almost like it was all a dream...and yet, do I smell saltwater?

I liked how our mermaid was such a strong and determined young lady, something easy to see from her expression on the front cover.  There wasn't any challenge she wasn't up to, nor obstacle she couldn't think her way trading her seahorse for wheels when she needed to traverse the shore.  I had a giggle at the sea witch's offer she turned down as well, knowing she'd be able to figure things out another way (unlike a certain other red head we know and love), and the final scenes where her and her little brother are obviously in on the same secret their parents happen to be clueless about, brought a smile to my face.  A fun adventure under and over the sea for kiddos and adults alike...


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Special thanks to the teams at Disney Hyperion and Penguin Young Readers for the copies for review.  (THANKS!)  For more information on these titles, the authors, illustrators, or the publishers, feel free to click through the links provided above. 

Until next time, remember...if it looks good, READ IT!

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