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Monday, October 18, 2010

Crescendo by Becca Fitzpatrick

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This is the place to get your bookish fix of the day and guess what?  Today's featured title is definitely a reason to be SUPER excited.  Why?  Oh, well, it's only all about book two in a particular YA series that happens to release probably don't even know which one I'm talking about, so no worries.  -walks off- *hears whisper*  What's that?  You've been waiting for it too?  Small world!  Okay, so not really...the world is rather big and round and green but that's beside the point.  It's a small reading world after all since you know what book I mean...and why not?  The first book was a great introduction to that magic that is Patc....oh, wait.  Let me introduce the title first.  (hehe)  Today's book of choice and wishes for a HAPPY (almost) BOOK BIRTHDAY go to.....

Becca Fitzpatrick

*WARNING*  Potential spoilers if you have not read book one (Hush, Hush) in the either STOP RIGHT THERE before you ruin it for yourself....or continue ...but you were warned....*

When we last left this fantastical story, Patch was Nora's assigned Guardian Angel, having restored his wings through his last grand gesture at the close of book one.  Ideal, right?  I mean, now they can spend all their time together....alone...with no one around to watch or interrupt.....uh, yeah....not quite.  See, Patch lost his angel status once by falling for a mortal human girl...the same thing can happen again if the ones on high catch wind of this forbidden relationship...not to mention his angelic duties extend beyond Nora as well.  To whom you ask?  Nope, sorry...can't reveal that to you just as Patch can't reveal his secret to Nora.  *sniff*sniff* Anyone else smell trouble brewing?  *raises hand*  Add in Marcie Millar's sudden desire to out Patch's secret (as if she REALLY knew what that was) and the return of Nora's childhood friend (not really friend, more like bully) by the name of Scott Parnell who is surrounded by so many strange happenings its not even funny....and yeah, you have quite the storyline bubbling just beneath the surface.  Will Patch and Nora make it through?  Hard to say, but their relationship is not the only thing at stake are their lives.

Oh Hush Hush, how I loved thee, let me count the ways....starting with Patch and Nora, continuing with fab friends like Vee and ending with a great storyline that left readers (myself included) on the edge of their seats waiting for more.  Crescendo, you long awaited sequel you, did not disappoint....despite my having to read you in record time thanks to the threat of spoilers if I didn't finish before the weekend being promised by one blogger friend that shall remain nameless (you know who you are...*glares*).  Do I regret the speed read?  Not at all....except in two ways.  (Yes, that is a contradiction there, but let me explain...)  First, I wished to savor you and draw out your essence until publication day arrived (read this one in early September)....and second, so I could hang on to all your little details more vividly (yeah, we learn A LOT in this book).  Alas, neither came to pass, but still I am one happy reader who feels very privileged to have had the chance to read this book early.  Moving forward....

So very much is revealed in this book from the truth about Nora's dad (yeah, can't say more), Patch's friends and the crazy connection with Marcie (yeah, can't say more here either), just who or what is out to get Nora this time (yeah...ditto)....the information uncovered verges on overload but never reaches that marked danger zone. It's shocking, surprising....and definitely still holds that fire that burned so brightly in book one.  The author kept our favorite "couple" (if that's what they can be called...I mean really the number of times they....okay, can't reveal that either...) in the spotlight while adding in the new story around them in such a way you were never bored nor could you guess exactly what would happen next. For those fans craving more depth to the story and character backgrounds, author Becca Fitzpatrick granted your wish in fact, I might recommend keeping a notepad on hand to jot down a thing or two in order to make the appropriate connections by books end.  It's not that it's confusing, it's simply a tinge complicated and may be easier to see in living color.

My final sequel that certainly lives up to the frantic fever that the very mention of its name creates, and one you won't want to miss.  Bookmarks up to author Becca Fitzpatrick on this second installment in the series....fantastic job.  The book has had a few release dates already but the latest official date I've seen is 10/19/10 (tomorrow) so if you don't have your copy pre-ordered, you might want to make plans to visit your local store.  One more thing to put your minds at ease....if you haven't heard already, the THIRD book in this series is scheduled for release during the later part of 2011 called Tempest.  So it looks like we aren't going to have to say goodbye to this great series at least for one more installment (or who knows...maybe more!).  Anyone else excited? *raises hand and jumps up and down*

ARC for review received courtesy of Lucille Rettino at Simon & Schuster. (THANK YOU!)  For more information on this incredible series in the making as well as their other fabulous titles, visit their online site or follow along on Twitter!  To find out more about the fabulous Becca Fitzpatrick, be sure to check out her site, blog, Facebook, MySpace guessed it...Twitter.  ALSO....for more HUSH HUSH fun, have you checked out FallenArchangel?  It's the office HUSH HUSH fansite so not only a great place to find out all about the new happenings with the series but also a place to share your love of the series with other fans.  Check out their site and of course, find them on Twitter.

Until next time...happy reading!


Shy said...

While I'm not entirely a big fan of Hush, Hush, the cliffhanger at the end of the book totally kills me. Hence why I cannot wait to get my itching hands on this one. I'm glad, though, to hear that this book didn't disappoint!

Felicity Grace Terry said...

Yet to read book 0ne, thanks for that spoiler alert.

Tales of Whimsy said...

I had to skim because I haven't read this yet. I will come back and reread it when I finally get my hands on a copy.

The1stdaughter said...

I'm right there with Juju, I just skimmed this one because I really do want to read the series. I'm actually thinking I may wait until it gets closer to the final installment so I don't have to wait too long. What I did read makes me eager to pick it up!

Melanie said...

I can't believe Crescendo is already out. Time sure is flying this fall. I can't wait to read it! It sounds SO AWESOME.

Michelle (Red Headed Book Child) said...

I got a copy of Hush Hush in a book swap last year but still haven't read it. I'm taking a little break it seems from reading a lot of YA fiction. I know, I know...i shouldn't but darnit! my TBR is massive!!!! And do I need teen drama in my life....well...who knows....!

Musical choice:
"Isn't it riiiiiiiiiiiich? Are we a paiiiiiiiiiiir? You here at last on the ground, me IN mid air....Send in the Clowns...."
(from A little night music)

Did I tell you I'm going to see Evita on Saturday? :)

Gina said...

Shy: Yes, definitely did not.

Petty Witter: You're welcome!

Juju: Look forward to your return.

the1stdaughter: Egad! You can't wait til then.... *shakes head* If you do that with every series you may never get to read them, plus the anticipation is part of the fun. ^_^

Melanie: Agreed! October was here and then WHOOSH!

Michelle: Sometimes a break is needed...enjoy it! Nice musical choice....and yep, now turning green with envy from the upcoming Evita event. Have fun for me! ^_^

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