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Saturday, October 16, 2010

Do You Have the GROSSEST Room?

Hiya readers!
Happy Saturday to you.
Just stopping in for a brief moment to pass along some news about a gross little contest traveling through the blogosphere right now.  What's that?  It's rude to say that it's gross?  Oh, no no no.....not this time!  Check out this fun new contest brought to you by Chronicle Books to find the GROSSEST room!


Do YOU have the GROSSEST room?
If you answered yes...or even THOUGHT of saying yes, than we have a contest for you!  We’re looking for a video of the Grossest Room! Grab a video camera and show the world just how messy a kid’s room can get.  The winner will get an iPod Touch! Runner’s get a $50 iTunes gift card. All winners get a complete set of Worst Case Scenario Survival Handbook Junior Edition books and more!

For a sample video and all the HERE.


But wait, there’s more!
While supplies last, kids can request a free beaker of Worst Case Scenario Gross Slime!
(Eeeeww...I mean, YAY!)

To request YOUR free HERE.

Sound like some good, fun?
Curious to discover more gross fun to be had?
Check out Chronicle Books for all the details on this great (and slimy!) book for kids.

Special thanks to Laura Starr at Chronicle Books for all the gross details to share on this fun promotion!


Until next time...happy reading!


Felicity Grace Terry said...

What a shame we don't have children, gross or otherwise. I bet the winner will be a girl though - supposedly tidier than boys - I think girls are in fact far, far untidier.

Tales of Whimsy said...

I agree with Petty.
I'm pretty sure it will be a boy.
I love little boys and all the grody things they collect.

The1stdaughter said...

Ugh. I'm posting about this early next week, but got it and thought...yuck! I'm just way to OCD I guess and the thought of allowing my kid to mess up their room just for the sake of an iPod touch? I'd rather just buy the thing for them...isn't that terrible? Yeah, my kids wouldn't be winning anytime soon. LOL

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