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Tuesday, September 20, 2016

BLOG TOUR: Penguin Problems by Jory John

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Today, we're talking about problems...but more specifically, #penguinproblems.  That's right.  You think you've got it rough?  Ha!  Let me tell you...or rather, let someone that's a member of the bird family but unable to fly tell you...your problems are just the tip of the iceberg.  #penguinproblems go deeper and if our little friend/narrator is truthful, no one seems to care!  Ready or not, we're joining a Random House Children's Books blog tour already in progress starring today's book of choice..

Jory John
Illustrated by
Lane Smith
Random House Books for Young Readers

Penguin is having a bad day.
His beak is cold.
It's too bright out.
He looks funny when he waddles.
He can't fly.
The list goes on and on and...well, you get the least it does until one unusually chatty walrus reminds our little friend that he is not alone in his "woe is me" sort of day.  Everyone from the tall to the small has them at some point or another and each one of us is tasked with getting through it to the other side.  How?  By noticing the beauty all around, by not taking for granted the things we are blessed with, and by appreciating the little moments in life...not simply looking for the bad in all places.  A rather wise walrus, wouldn't you say?

This book was a delight from cover to book jacket!  The wonderful penguin illustrations combined with the Eeyore-like complaints of our little tuxedoed fella create a Picture Book fit for all ages.  There's humor in abundance, cuteness running rampant in our snow covered wonderland, and messages to take away that will warm even a too cold little penguin's heart.  There's even a bit of carry over fun as people share their #penguinproblems over on Twitter.  Such as my own...Having to wear black and white EVERY DAY no matter what (hey, that sounds familiar actually...)...  Whether a read for a rainy day or the upcoming winter months, this is definitely a book that should be on your must read shelf.



Special thanks to Jillian at Random House Children's Books for the copy for review and UBER AWESOMELY AMAZING TOTE BAG!  (THANKS!)  For more information on this title, the author, the illustrator, or the publisher, feel free to click through the links above, or seek out the other stops along the tour as it reaches the far ends of the blogosphere through the end of October.  This title is set to release 09/27/16, so mark your calendar or pre-order your copy today at your favorite retail store.

Until next time, remember...if it looks good, READ IT!

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