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Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Hold Me by Susan Mallery

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Today, we're traveling to California with a fangirl-ish review of the latest release from author Susan Mallery.  Excited?  You should be and from the rest of this post, I think you'll see that I was/am too.  Consider this intro the virtual postman knocking on your INBOX.  
Letter received and ready to read....


Dear Ms. Mallery,

Thank you so much for yet another wonderful page turner through the cozy town of Fools Gold.  If ever there was a realistic fictitional place I wish were a reality, this would certainly be it.  

The people are so welcoming, making a place for both newcomers and life longers alike.  Mayor Marsha is a real hoot; the power she wields through acts of kindness is incredible (still pushing with my fellow fans for a book focused on HER story!).  Then we have visits and drop ins from familiar faces that we've met previously, and yet even if this is your first venture to town, you won't be lost without the backstory (though I definitely recommend getting the backstory because seriously, why miss out on the fun?!).  

Our new potential couple to be is a memorable addition as well.  I really enjoyed getting to know both Destiny and Kipling.  Destiny is strong in her belief that love can wait; a strong and dependable partner is more important.  She's got no time for the romance of it all what with her job and newest "dependent", Starr...her half sister (watching this relationship blossom was an added bonus!). Kipling lives by the seat of his pants with a new girl every few months, and he has no plans on changing those habits even though he's landing in the town of "happy endings".  They are as different as can be in so many ways and yet at heart, they connect.  That is truly what made this one so special.

My only hesitation was towards book's end when a sudden shotgun-less marriage came to pass.  I was a bit surprised, especially by how fast things transpired, BUT I should have known things would turn out all right in the end, and guess what?  They did!  Of course you already knew that, having written the book.  *ahem*  Anywho, my point is this...

Fools Gold is a remarkable series that brings love, friendship, and relationships to the page in its
many colors.  There's not a story that readers can't find themselves in in some way.  There's not a heart that won't flutter at the connections made at least a time or two (with a little blushing now and then too).  Picking a favorite character or couple is near impossible (for me at least) because their stories are unique and memorable, leaving impressions that last well off the page.  I'll tell you, I'd love to sit down with the girls and chat in Jo's bar.  I wouldn't even mind visiting The Man Cave to hear the karaoke on an off night.  Of course, one would have to be there during at least one of the many festivals to see the town really dressed up and what visit would be complete without a cameo from Priscilla!  In other words, if ever a day comes that our favorite fictions become reality, consider my bags packed and ready to go.

THANK YOU from my bookish heart to yours for sharing your gifts with readers near and far....and LONG LIVE FOOLS GOLD!  

With fondest regards,

(aka the Insatiable Reader)


ARC for review received courtesy of Lisa at Harlequin.  (THANKS!)  For more information on this title, those forthcoming, the author, or the publisher, please feel free to click through the links above. Hold Me was released just this month and is the first of FOUR titles coming this year from author Susan Mallery (woo-hoo!) via Harlequin.  Be on the lookout for it on a bookstore shelf or virtual retailer of your choosing.

Until next time...happy reading!


Felicity Grace Terry said...

Loving this alternative book review.

Unknown said...

I love a book with a great story line honest and actually believable wow this sounds like just that bye y'all I gotta go run and read she pants audibly trotting as fast as she can

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