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Tuesday, June 21, 2016

SUMMER READING: What's in YOUR beach bag? Quirk Books edition + CONTEST!

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(read/sing to Summer Lovin' from GREASE)

Summer readin' had me a blast!
Summer readin' pages go FAST!
Made some friends BOOK crazy like me!
Created to read less than three!
Summer days driftin' away, but OH...

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That's right!
It's that time of year again.
Time to put away the pencils and textbooks, in exchange for late movie nights, long days in the sun, and reading JUST FOR FUN!  Who's with me?  ^-^  But, wonder of to decide just WHAT to read?

 No worries! I'm here to help along with a plethora of amazing author talent and publishing house know how to bringing to the spotlight a few titles that just might be your best friend for a few days, or few hours this season.  So grab your beach towel, some sunscreen, and pull up a chair, it's time to dive into a pool of bookish fun!  Today's spotlight turns to...

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That's right!
A highly recognized name in the publishing arena known for dominating several genres with their unique, unusual, and downright QUIRKy releases.  They don't just publish what the industry is looking for but what READERS are looking for...and sometimes things they didn't even realize they needed/wanted.  

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The age ranges covered begin with the kiddos at about Middle Grade reading levels and climb to infinity, but as I've said before don't let a "recommended reading age" stop you from diving into something that looks/sounds good to you.  You never know where your next favorite read will come from...perhaps even a few of the titles above or one we'll feature today.  ^-^  So, let's get this SUMMER READING party started, shall we?  

First up, a Kids Fiction series from "Science Bob" Pflugfelder and Steve Hockensmith that will delight readers young and old as well as those more scientifically inclined.  I reviewed a title or two from this series in previous times (feel free to click the links to reminisce or catch up), but today, we're starting at the midpoint of Nick and Tesla's adventures straight through to the exciting conclusion!  Make room in your tote for...

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Nick and Tesla's

Nick, Tesla, Silas, DeMarco, and Uncle Newt are the standard character list for each adventure, and this installment is no different.  This time around a scientist has lost his the robotic sense...and a museum is in danger of closing if the interactive, informative, anima-tronic displays don't start behaving themselves.  It's up to the kids to foil the latest plan from a local baddy to turn what was incredible into nothing more than a dilapidated wire and metal showroom.  Don't worry, armed with their ever-increasing-in-coolness-level gadget glove, they're on the case and nothing will stop them from uncovering the evil mind behind it all.  

Nick and Tesla's
Starstruck is not something these siblings get over your everyday actors and actresses, but when DeMarco gains access to the set of the top secret comic book action hero movie, all bets are off...until strange things start to happen.  Okay, so start isn't really the appropriate word, more like continue because they've been happening, but no one has been able to put two and two together.  Good thing there are TWO super smart siblings that when teamed up with their best friends and a bumbling uncle that means well, can pretty much crack anything.  By book's end, you'll be amazed how the one behind it all is revealed, surprised by the ingenuity of  the kids yet again, and have some new cool tricks to add to your arsenal of awesomeness.  While all the books have scientific experiments and gizmos to built (with adult supervision, of course), this one caters more to the movie buffs with camera steadier devices and stunt dummies.  Who knows?  Perhaps you'll be making your next blockbuster with the tips of the trade shared here! 

Nick and Tesla's

Finally, after all this time, we really get into the guts of the story.  Throughout these works, Nick and Tesla have been with their Uncle Newt not just because he's so loosey goosey, or creative.  No, they've been with him because their parents were "away" on a work trip that they couldn't come along on...until they weren't.  The secret agents that plagued them throughout the installments seen originally as bad guys, then good guys, then secret spillers because they couldn't keep things to themselves...are back, and their motives are once again in question.  ARE they REALLY trying to find Nick and Tesla's parents...or are they working for someone more sinister behind the scenes?  Dun dun dunnnn.....and a little more dramatic music.  Good thing the kiddos have grown over the past few weeks in both confidence, knowledge, and know-how because they're going to need all they can muster to solve the BIGGEST MYSTERY OF ALL....and rescue both themselves and their parents.

The showdown is really something to see, I mean read, with a return of some of your favorite characters to dislike (because hate is such a strong word) and no shortage of gizmos to spend your spare time (and parts!) creating.  Definitely an exciting conclusion to what has been an amazingly fun series with a side of educational genius to spare.


Exciting stuff, right?
Oh's about to get EVEN BETTER!
From Kids Fiction, we're jumping the fence over to Young Adult and to a particular trilogy that has captivated reading audiences for the past #5PeculiarYears.  It comes from the creative mind of Ransom Riggs and if you hadn't heard yet, it's ready to make its big screen debut THIS SEPTEMBER!  

Image result for miss peregrine's home for peculiar children

I know my calendar is marked because if the movie holds even a tenth of the wonder of the written work, we're in for an AWESOME treat!  I myself have read some of the works...don't judge me, I'm working on adding the last one to my rotation...but there's no time like the present to catch up with all the characters, situations, mysteries, and beyond belief adventures these works hold.  

Image result for miss peregrine's home for peculiar children trilogy

All THREE titles are available now wherever books are sold, so there's nothing holding you back from discovering what your PECULIARITY is...or helping me discover my own. HOW can you help me?  Well, you see I seem to have a very PECULIAR tote that has come into my possession recently (thanks to Kelsey at Quirk Books!) that asks me to announce just that....

....what my peculiarity is.
I admit, I'm at a loss for words...hard to do if you haven't noticed...and seeing as it will proclaim it loud and proud to all who see me carrying this FABULOUS bag, I thought I might pose the question to YOU.  WHY should you help?  Ah yes, the what's-in-it-for-me bit.  Simple...a TOTE OF YOUR VERY OWN!  You can use it to carry your summer reading selections, keep your Peregrine's trilogy safe while heading to the library, as a wonderful start to your movie premiere ensemble...or any number of things I'm sure, PLUS you'll get to announce your PECULIARITY too!

For your chance to WIN THIS TOTE, just fill in the Rafflecopter below and feel free to take advantage of the BONUS entries...curious to see what you come up with.  Being as I'm shipping this beauty out and my funding isn't the highest numerical value, I must ask that the entries be kept to US ONLY this time around...and they'll be accepted through midnight June 30th, 2016.
Off you go!

Don't forget to enter the official Quirk Books #5PeculiarYears contest as well for more exciting chances to win!  CLICK HERE for all the details!

Until next time...happy reading!


Unknown said...

Everyone is different so no one is really peculiar just different that makes the world go round kudos on the awesome review we appreciate you

traveler said...

I have my peculiarities which are unique to me. I am used to them. Great feature.

Susan said...

Hmmmm ... how about your peculiarity being that you can read endlessly without that time disappearing from your day? (I'd take that one myself!)

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