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Wednesday, October 11, 2017

The Secrets of Islayne by Kari Lynn West

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Today, we're turning the spotlight on a Young Adult Fantasy title I read a week or so back that's just been DYING to have its day in the virtual sun.  Well, let me tell you...this baby should never be put in a corner...or on a dusty shelf and left to sit.  It DEMANDS to be read, and with GOOD reason.  Why?  Oh, you'll see soon enough.  But first, the introductions.  Today's ebook of choice is...

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About the book...
A powerful island. A dangerous mystery. An impossible choice.

For centuries, the island of Islayne has given certain residents the ability to revive other people’s memories. These gifted individuals are known as luminators, and sixteen-year-old Ronan Saunders desperately desires to join their illustrious ranks. As he struggles against the prejudice of the old, powerful families who have an iron grip on the trade, Ronan falls under the tutelage of a reclusive luminator, rumored to be insane.

Just when his long-desired future is within reach, Ronan and his three friends discover a deadly secret on the island. As they delve deeper into the mystery, what they find forces them to question their loyalties, doubt long-held beliefs, and wrestle with the dire consequences of revealing the truth. Ronan finds himself torn between everything he loves and the only future he’s ever wanted. The entire fate of the lumination trade hangs in the balance of his decision.

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An amazing read that raises so many questions too!

Ronan is a great guy, struggling against the island's blood ties to win his place among the gifted... as an illuminator. In case you're wondering, an illuminator is someone that can access the mind's memories and essentially illuminate them from the haziness they've fallen into.  In a nutshell...but just like not all wizards practiced their art appropriately in the HP series, the same goes for this one.  Anywho, back to Ronan.  The passion he has for his calling is mesmerizing... I mean really, you could get a buzz simply being near by. It's wonderful to see that much focus, that much dedication, that much direction in anyone, let alone a teen, but Ronan has it in spades... and that's before we measure the size of his heart. With his trio of friends, there's nothing they can't do... even if Cassie leads then astray a time or two... and no way he'll let his eye from the prize. Too bad that prize is gonna shift a time or two over the next few weeks, but the experience he'll gain, the bonds he'll cement, even the gifts he'll unlock will be beyond measure... if he survives, that is.
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If you follow me on GoodReads, you'll see my rating/review of this title (as well as many should check it out...just sayin'!).  I actually hesitated between a 4 and 5 star rating because had the story continued along the same lines as it first set out, I may not have enjoyed it quite so much. In an effort to give Ronan a life, so to speak, the author seemed to be straying from the life, times, histories, and curiosities of the illuminator calling... which, I must say, I found most fascinating. While I appreciated the well rounded character presentation, I didn't really need the distraction of the awkward meetings, almost disaster, and epic summer plans that weren't; I was here for the memories... okay, illuminator joke 😂 but seriously. That aspect of Islayne, that culture created and explored is what bound me to the epages...until I reached the end and was left like a man in the desert desperately seeking that mirage of water to quench his undying thirst.  (There will be MORE BOOKS, right?  More as in others?  Please?)
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Recommended for YA Fantasy fans, teens through'll find magic, mayhem, snark, and danger within these pages...and boy was it good!  Be on the lookout for the rogue illuminator...just try to tell me he doesn't remind you at least a little bit of Sirius Black....


About the author...

[Keri Lynn West]...write contemporary YA fantasy—normally while drinking far too much coffee—and live in North Carolina with my husband and two daughters.

Books have long been my obsession. As a kid, I could spend an entire Saturday curled up on the couch with the latest Redwall novel. In college, I majored in English so no one could fault me for reading so much. One summer, I worked weekends at a tiny, mostly-forgotten used bookstore where they paid me in books. There is a kind of magic in well-written words that I’ve been drawn to my whole life.

Writing novels was just a natural extension of this love. I like to create character-driven stories that are set in the real world with a twist, weaving fantastical elements into everyday life.

My debut novel, The Secrets of Islayne, is now available!



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Special thanks to author Keri Lynn West for the ebook for review.  (THANKS!)  For more information on this title, or the author, feel free to click through the links provided above.   This title is available now, so click on over to your favorite online retailers to snag your "tree" or "e" copy today!

Until next time, remember...if it looks good, READ IT!

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